Brian Chatterton

First published by Pulcini Press 2003

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ISBN 0-473-09478-9 317 pages and 4 B & W photos.

Brian Chatterton provides glimpses of his life in South Australian politics. He was Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests in the pro-active Government of Don Dunstan in the 70s, fought the good fight in opposition and then returned to his portfolios when the Bannon administration took over. This is not a tale of Ministerial pomp and circumstance but a memoir that begins with the hopes and disappointments of an aspiring candidate through the humble life of a backbencher, to the achievements of being Cabinet Minister, the demotion to Shadow Minister, a triumphant return and then resignation in the face of policy disagreements with his Leader. Brian Chatterton recounts his twenty years in South Australian politics with a witty and ironical touch and finally asks if there is life after politics.

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"Roosters and Featherdusters is a powerful, passionate and modest exploration of ministerial life in Adelaide. On the map of the world the administration of a few Government Departments in Adelaide when Minister is doubtless of small importance, but the issues of ministerial responsibility which he raises are worth taking seriously." Tony Griffiths in The Orvieto Oracle.

"Roosters and Featherdusters is a fine book. It combines compassionate and witty writing with sharp and humane analysis. It will be essential reading for those interested in Cabinet Government and partnerships in politics." Florita Botts in La Voce del Lago.

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